Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We carry a $1 million general liability policy as well as all necessary workers compensation and professional liability policies. Upon request, certificates of insurance will be provided.
Flanagan Productions was established in 2007 as an event video production company. In 2010, we began our transition to a Municipal & Corporate video production & website development company.
Yes. Please contact us for our references. You may also view a list of clients on the about us page.
Yes. Samples of both video and web projects are available in the portfolio section. Many of our clients use video for internal use and it may contain sensitive information. For this reason, we do not display all projects on our website. If you would like to see additional samples or work from these projects, please contact us to set up a meeting. Many of these internal projects can be viewed in short segments.
Following an initial meeting or phone call, Flanagan Productions will work with you to put together a script, storyboard, music selections, and voice over for your production. Much of the process varies based on your project needs but we will generally set up a day to do all on location taping at your place of business. The video is then edited to create a rough version of the final product (think of an unpolished piece of pottery). You will then have the opportunity to remove clips or make editing changes to this rough cut. After your requests have been made, we will polish off the final version with music, titles, and all requested editing changes. Although this is the general format, each project is different and may require a variation to the process.
All videos are delivered in web-ready format (Youtube or Vimeo) in High Definition. In addition, you will receive 2 standard definition DVDs upon request as part of any video package.
The process to a website design depends on one major factors. First, would you like to do the management yourself or would you like Flanagan Productions to do all of the management for you? If you would like Flanagan Productions to manage the website for you, you will select a general outline of the website's design. We will then customize all colors, logos, backgrounds, fonts, and essentially redevelop the entire design to make it work for you. After you are happy with the general layout, we will work with you to populate all of the content that will appear on the website. This is made significantly easier if you are converting an existing website because all of the content will be easily accessible. If we do not have an existing website to generate content, you will be required to provide us with all content such as photographs and text for each page. If you need stock images, we should be able to help you at no additional charge. If you need on location photographs, just let us know and we can set up a photo day and come to your location for an additional hourly fee.

If you would like to do the management of the site, we will establish a website for you using a consumer friendly content management system. We will design the entire site from scratch incorporating all design elements that work for your business. These websites have limited functionality and are not recommended if you expect a heavily accessed site
Flanagan Productions offers affordable website management that allows you to have a completely hands off approach to your company's website. If you need a change, update, or want to add a new post, simply email Flanagan Productions and we will update your site for you. We have a convenient ticket system to track your website's changes.
In most cases, updates are made same day Monday - Friday if the request is made before 4pm. We guarantee updates within 48 hours Monday - Friday of the request or you will receive a discount off of your monthly management fee. Flanagan Productions is closed during legal US holidays. Updates made on a holiday will be considered active the following business day
We offer several different website management packages ranging from 5 updates per month to unlimited changes. We will work with you to find a package that works best for you. Change your package at any time. There are no contracts
Flanagan Productions offers a support package for just $20/month. If you run into a problem with your Flanagan Productions' designed website, just send us an email and we will work with you to resolve your issue.
Please visit the Contact Us section or call 551-655-0888.